About Us

In April 2001 the St Catherine’s Church and Graveyard Project was born out of a desire within the Killybegs community to preserve the history and structure of this medieval site. The work carried out by this Local Training Initiative (LTI) is a partnership between the local sponsor group Killybegs Employment Project Ltd and FÁS, the government training and employment agency thereby allowing high quality training to be delivered alongside the research work.

Killybegs LTI has seen numerous participants come and go over the intervening years, many of whom have made a valuable contribution to the research work undertaken. Although this website is a culmination of years of painstaking work it is also an on-going project that will continue to evolve and grow with time.

This project continues to exist through the goodwill and support of the local community and vital funding from FÁS and the European Social Fund (ESF).